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Sign Language Interpreter Performance Training

Sign Language Interpreter Performance Training


Over the last few years, The National Theatre of ScotlandSolar Bearflip, and Sign Arts (Catherine King and Yvonne Strain) have worked in partnership, to undertake a series of consultation and training days with SLI’s, currently working or hoping to work, in theatre interpretation in Scotland, as a collective approach to determining a professional development strategy for theatre interpretation in Scotland. 

Through the work of Solar Bear’s Deaf Theatre Club, and Flip’s work with FST on the Access Guide, it has become clear that there is only a handful of high quality Sign Language Interpreter’s (SLIs) for performance working across Scotland.  This small pool cannot possibly provide the level of BSL interpretation currently required across performances, and with the BSL Bill coming into force, the sector needs to move quickly to ensure that a larger, more diverse pool of interpreters are trained to deliver high quality SLI performance.

The desire to share stories and experiences has been at the heart of communities for millennia and the aesthetic of inclusion within theatres is integral to societal reflection, which ultimately impacts upon positive mental wellbeing, educational development and inspiration.

British Sign Language (BSL) being represented equitably within the Arts is vital for both Deaf and hearing audience members. An artistic decision to have BSL rehearsed and integrated into performance contexts or to be positioned separately in a more traditional/side of stage position can have societal impacts on how audiences view Deafness, be that their own, a family member’s, or a colleague’s. 

Workshops will run throughout Scotland, 2017 - 2018. 


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