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Anything That Gives Off Light

Anything That Gives Off Light


Anything That Gives off Light is a road trip movie that brings together a man who after living for years in London returns home with his granny’s ashes, an old school friend and an American woman drinking alone in a bar.

As they set off for a journey into the Highlands clashing ideas, thoughts and opinions are united by a search for meaning, freedom and identity. Davey Anderson the writer believes that this journey reflects the dark political times we are living in.

“ I think a lot has happened with the Scottish Referendum, the EU, the politics of fear and violent extremism. When things are tough we all look to find anything that gives us hope, just like the characters in the play.”

Anything That Gives Off Light is a new co-production from Brooklyn-based ensemble The TEAM and the National Theatre of Scotland. The productions development was initially formed over a discussion about the differences between Scottish and American movies and identity. American popular films are about underdogs that “come good” and triumph; Scottish films are about underdogs that never quite make it and often end with tragedy. However, this exploration into the Scottish/American psyche goes even further reaching back to the Scottish Enlightenment when thousands of Scots emigrated across the Atlantic Ocean exporting ideas around liberty and freedom that are still engrained in American culture in areas such as gun ownership.

The play has been 5 years in development and was always imagined as a collaboration of ideas drawing on research/interviews, current political events, mythology and the active participation of everyone on and off the stage. Davey explains.

“There is not one playwright but everyone is invested in the story, we ask our artists and production staff to share, improvise and take ownership.”

This open and inclusive artistic process was also important to the production team when considering BSL Interpretation.

“ We did not want the BSL interpretation to be on the side, but integrated within the performance. We believe that Catherine King (BSL Interpreter) is as much a part of the process as anyone else.”

Davey, will also be developing his play, Scavengers with BA Performance students at the RCS this autumn.

“ I can’t wait to work with the actors and bring their thoughts and experiences into the play and take on the challenge of bringing it to a mainstream audience.”

 The question is will, Anything That Gives Off Light end with a happy American ending or a miserable Scottish ending? Davey would not tell me but said the audience are in for “a lot of surprises”.


16 – 26 August 2016

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

BSL integrated performance – Monday 22nd August, 7.30pm

To book tickets email:

For more information visit here


Writers: Jessica Almasy, Davey Anderson, Rachel Chavkin, Brian Ferguson, Sandy Grierson


Director: Rachel Chavkin 


World Premiere 






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