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ERASMUS Project - Create and Collaborate

ERASMUS Project - Create and Collaborate


Over the last year, 15 young people from Scotland and 15 young people from Romania have been involved in a European Arts and Education project funded by ERASMUS.

 This project includes:

  1. Learning new skills and sharing ideas.
  2. Learning about each other’s cultures.
  3. 3 visits, with the young people from Scotland visiting Craiova in Romania 1 time and the Romanian young people visiting Glasgow 2 times.
  4. Taking part in workshops to create a performance.
  5. Developing sign language to be used in theatre.


Christine Wallace is the Project Coordinator, she worked with Solar Bear in Glasgow and 2 companies in Romania, Asociatia Window and Teatul National to make this amazing project happen. It has been a massive challenge for all the young people involved.

Visits 1 & 2:

  1. October, 2015 = Learning about Romanian and British sign language and how to work in both languages.
  2. April, 2016 = starting to create a performance and learn about stage lighting.

This October, 2016 the Romanian young people will be visiting Glasgow for the 3rd visit of the project. Christine has already seen a lot of changes. 

Christine told us: “When we started everyone just stayed in their different groups and did not really communicate but as we have moved on, we have seen the young people start to work together.”

The project has been a test on how to work with different people from different cultures and with different languages but everyone has enjoyed it. Christine is looking forward to the last visit in October.

“This project is about communication, breaking down barriers and changing lives. We have already see this happen and I think in Glasgow the young people are going to produce some really amazing work.” said Christine.

So to all the young people, good luck or as they would say in Romania “noroc”.


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