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Jonathan Lloyd - learning about Solar Bear

Jonathan Lloyd - learning about Solar Bear



Above: Jonathan, at the Solar Bear office. 


So, here’s the situation. I don’t start my job (the new Creative Director at Solar Bear) until 3rd April. But I’m working as a freelancer this month and next to do a proper handover with Gerry and work with the team here on our plans for 2018-21. So I haven’t started. Not officially. But it’s been a busy week.

Here are twenty things I did or discovered:

1. I had one-to-one meetings with all the staff here: Gerry, Angela, Felix and Vix.

2. They drink a lot of tea and coffee. (This is good. So do I.)

3. They all care deeply about the company’s work and are bursting with ideas.

4. There’s a dog in the Scottish Youth Theatre office called Elvis.

5. At the end of my first day, I was in the Doghouse. (This is a bar nearby, where I had a meeting with Solar Bear’s Chair of Trustees, Pete.)

6. I met Claire who runs the amazing BA Performance course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - the first of its kind in the UK.

7. We’re planning a co-production with their students this autumn – my first show as a director for Solar Bear.

8. This makes me excited and terrified. Which I like.

9. I met the BA students, and later watched a film of their last production, ‘Scavengers’. It’s clear how much talent there is in the group.

10. My finger-spelling is painfully slow.

11. I attended Wednesday evening’s session of Solar Bear’s Deaf Youth Theatre. (The last time I met them was during my second interview for the job, so this was a bit less stressful!)

12. Playing games I thought I was good at (e.g Zombies) in BSL was a shock to the system.

13. It’s going to be so useful to see the group in action before I start in April. I can tell already I’m going to enjoy working with them.

14. I went for a run along the Clyde, and nearly fell over five times due to ice. (I had a vision of falling into the Clyde on my first week.)

15. On Friday I attended Solar Bear’s dissemination event on their Erasmus project – a creative exchange between members of Deaf Youth Theatre and a youth theatre for young deaf people in Romania.  Two groups, four languages, one inspiring project.

16. I learnt the signs for English, Welsh and Scottish.

17. I had a very constructive meeting with Helen, Solar Bear’s Lead Officer at Creative Scotland.

18. I went on a tour of the Royal Conservatoire with some of DYT’s young members.

19. When I got home at the end of the week, my head was spinning, buzzing and throbbing. A lot of information to take in, a lot of discussion and debate, and much to be done in a short space of time.

20. Bring it on.




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