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Tali Fisher  - interview

Tali Fisher - interview


We approached the very talented Tali Fisher to help us develop information graphics (infographics), to help educate people about the best way of making theatre shows more accessible to D/deaf audiences.



1. Give us some background on you?

My name is Natalie Fisher AKA Tali, I am 25 years old and I work as a freelance graphic designer. I have just recently graduated from Duncan Jordonstone College of Art & Design and I am now looking to build up my portfolio and gain professional experience.  

2. What got you interested in design?

I have always had a passion for design from a young age and in fact I was really interested in video games and wanted to design/develop characters. I even did the computer game development course at college. However, I didn't like the idea of being pigeon holed into one type of design so I decided to study graphic design. This allows me to learn lots of different types of design skills and take on new challenges.  

4. Can you tell me about your process for developing the infographics?

At the beginning, Solar Bear only had a very basic idea of what they wanted to achieve. So, the first thing I had to do was spend time researching different types of infographic styles, layout and Solar Bear’s brand identity.  

I then developed 2 ideas and created a small presentation explaining the key concepts. In the first idea I used gradients as a background colour with white illustrations/symbols based on the Solar Bear logo.

The second idea was to use the Solar Bear figure but use different colours with the information.

After a few meetings we then started to discuss the possibility of characters demonstrating sign language gestures. With this idea I developed 2 different styles of characters. The first style was a character with no face and only 2 colours to create a bold look and the second character was designed like a cartoon.

We then looked at creating a more realistic character merging the 2 designs and eventually we found a character that everyone was really happy with. Over a few months we made loads of tweaks to the colour, text and illustrations which included getting loads of feedback.


5. Did you enjoy the project?

Yes, I enjoyed the project very much. The most challenging part was trying to get the right balance between making the infographics simple and engaging but still having loads of information.

6. Was it good working with Solar Bear and did you get any support?

I really enjoyed working with Solar Bear. At the beginning, I got support with an interpreter at the first meeting but after the second meeting I didn’t need an interpreter and felt confidant working with the Solar Bear team. We also did a lot of communication over email.  

7. What do you hope the infographics will achieve?

 I hope that the infographics will make a difference in creating more awareness around creating accessible theatre performances for D/deaf audience, there will be more accessible theatre shows in the future and will raise deaf awareness around the UK and possibly the world.

8. What do you want to do in the future?

 I want to work in digital agencies and learn from experienced designers, I prefer working as part of a team rather than on my own. Then one day I might start my own business or agency.


Please, feel free to download the full PDF HERE 





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